Wholesale Trees & Shrubs

Available to Landscapers, Contractors, and Commercial Accounts

Our family-owned and operated plant nursery sets the industry standard for beautiful, professionally grown trees and shrubs to help ensure our clients the highest quality plants available.

Our cold-hardy nursery is located on over 1,400 acres in the pristine, mountainous land at the corner of Vermont, Massachusetts, and New York, and our carefully pruned evergreen, shade, ornamental, fruit trees, and shrubs grow and mature on the fertile Teel and Hamlin soils in sunny fields alongside the idyllic Hoosic and Wallomsac Rivers.

Currently we offer over 350 varieties of trees and shrubs, in almost any size you or your clients may need. We specialize in large specimen trees—from magnificent deciduous trees up to 28-inch caliper and towering 50-foot-tall conifers, down to smaller 2” trees and ornamentals.

Over the past fifty years our trees have been planted at hundreds of locations throughout the northeast and mid-Atlantic states. It’s been our pleasure to provide trees for well-known parks like the Ground Zero Park in New York City and Central Park as well as small local town parks. We also provide our planting knowledge, expertise and plants to municipalities and company headquarters and for large corporate and private projects.

It remains our pleasure to continue to provide clients with the proven quality and enduring beauty of our trees. Give us a call!

Workers pruning trees

The Tagging Process

Schedule a Tagging Visit

We are happy to schedule a visit to help you find your trees on our 1,400+ acres of river bottom land located in Ecoregion 58a. When scheduling your visit please try to give us a reasonable lead time as we can be booked for a week or more in advance. Please email us at wholesale@thebfgardener.com with a suggested date and time of visit, and include a list of what you are looking for, including size and quantity. If your plans change, please call, text or email as soon as possible.

Before your visit, please make sure to check our local weather and dress accordingly as we will be outdoors for most of the visit. Our farm can experience a range of conditions, especially mud, so footwear is especially important. In the interest of keeping everyone healthy, we prefer to drive in separate vehicles and to wear masks in the office. Please come in a vehicle that can maneuver off-road conditions and be prepared to walk (lots of puddles and mud)!

Picture Tagging

This method is requested by those that require exact approval for specific plants that will clearly show specific trees/shrubs and their measurements. We will attempt to take pictures to match the quantity requested, but for large lists we may need to send several pictures that will accurately reflect the size and quantity available.

Considering this is a time-intensive task for which we do not apply any surcharge, we may restrict this option to entities that show cause for this specificity or meet a minimum order limit. We will make every attempt to meet client’s requests in a timely manner. When requesting this option, please give us as much advance notice as possible, and a date when you need the photos by.

Optional Photos

We would be happy to send you photos we have taken previously that accurately represent the requested plant material. The photo might not be the exact tree you would receive, but it will be true to species, size and form.

We recommend this option for those who need a quick response and/or have fewer demands regarding approval on plant materials and/or are planning mass plantings, planting naturalized areas, etc.

Nursery Select

All our trees receive the same care and attention. If requested, we can select true-to-form plants that meet your specifications without sending photos or requesting your presence to tag. If you ask us to tag for you, we guarantee we will send you top quality material.

Terms & Conditions

The price and availability of material may change without notice. After placing an order we will send a confirmation with the final price.

Please schedule an appointment with us if you wish to visit the nursery to tag material. Customers declining to tag material, or for select customers approving material via photograph, must accept the selection by our staff and cannot reject plant material at delivery based on shape or form.

Orders may be placed any time of the year via email, phone, or in-person at our office. Orders are filled according to digging season, weather conditions, or other natural events. See details under Summer Digging Surcharge for more information regarding digging plant material out of season.

All cancellations must be made in writing and received prior to the scheduled digging date. Cancellations will not be accepted after the material has been dug. Customers will be responsible for full payment once material is dug.

Summer – A surcharge of 25% will be added to the cost of material that is dug during the summer. Summer digging is done at the client’s risk. Some species cannot be summer dug. We reserve the right to refuse to dig if we feel weather conditions would be detrimental to the health of the plant.

Hand Digging – is done by request only and incurs a 20% additional fee.

A 50% deposit is due prior to digging an order. Credit may be extended to parties with an established client history. If we begin work on a confirmed order, your deposit may be forfeited.

The balance of an order is due at time of shipment. Overdue accounts will be charged interest at a rate of 2% per month, 24% per annum. Returned checks will result in a $50 service charge. No third party or post-dated checks will be accepted. All disputes shall be resolved in the New York State Supreme Court, county of Rensselaer.

Applicable state sales tax will be charged unless the client has provided the required tax exemption certificate at the time of the transactions.

Delivery service is available for a fee that is dependent on the current market rate of diesel fuel at the time of order. Please schedule all pick-ups or deliveries with our office after your order has been confirmed.

We offer the ability to store above-ground material prior to shipment date at a cost of 20% of the plant’s value, per month. We reserve the right to discontinue holding material for orders with a paid deposit after 1 year if the material remains unclaimed. Deposits will not be refunded if the order has not been cancelled or if the material remains unclaimed.

We exercise great care in labeling all material true to size and name. There is no warranty expressed or implied as to the merchantability or fitness for any particular use of our nursery stock.

All claims must be made within 10 days of pick-up or delivery. Failure to properly handle or maintain live pl